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September 12th, 2008

Suitable for Junior and Senior High School

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"Sample Lesson Plan" Booklet

This illustrated booklet covers a typical program developed by middle and high school Industrial Technology teachers at a large suburban school district. To motivate and increase students learning potential and growth, the approach is:

Highly creative, Hands-on & Cross-curriculum

Includes: Business techniques of —
• Setting up a company
• Marketing
• Profit and loss determination
• Manufacturing
Includes: Entrepreneurial skills involving —
• Creative thinking
• Working with others
• Problem solving
• Planning and organization

Get a Free DVD About Pen Making

FREE DVD explains how woodworking has been reinvented in schools.

dvd imageMeet Ted Weiberg, a technology education teacher from Richardson North Junior High School in Richardson, Texas, who is involved in the Penn State Industries Pen Making program. Working together with Penn State Industries School Division Ted co-produced a DVD that explains the pen making concept and demonstrates why pen making has blossomed in his and other school districts throughout the country. The video shows actual footage of students making pens in the classroom environment while Ted explains the pen making process.

Ted got involved in the pen making program because his students missed the feelings of satisfaction and accomplishment they experienced from creating hands on projects. Like many shops throughout the country, his shop had been downsized significantly. He searched for a project that was small, affordable, easy to construct, yet provided the student with something he or she would be proud of making and showing off.

The DVD shows how Ted found exactly what he was looking for with the Penn State Industries School division pen making program. Since implementing this concept in his school system, pen making has grown by leaps and bounds in his school district. The program proved appropriate for students on all age and skill levels. Student testimonials on the DVD will attest to the significance the pen making program has played in the student’s academic and personal lives.

The FREE DVD demonstrates the numerous advantages of a pen making program:
• Builds student self esteem
• Fundraising potential
• Cost effective and inexpensive
• Easy to make projects
• Easy to implement for students at all grade levels
• Links to business and technology programs

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#DVDSP FREE DVD - "Reinventing Woodworking in Schools" (Shipping FREE)

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