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July 14th, 2008

 It’s Simple and Easy to Get Started

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  • The Free lesson Plan is an illustrated booklet that covers a typical program developed by middle and high school Industrial Technology teachers at a large suburban school district. With this highly creative, hands-on, cross-curriculum guide - you’ll teach your students invaluable business and entrepreneurial skills
  • The Free DVD shows actual footage of students making pens in the classroom environment while Ted Weiberg, a technology education teacher from Richardson North Junior High School in Richardson, Texas explains the pen making process. Ted explains the pen making concept and demonstrates why pen making has blossomed in his and other school districts throughout the country.

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Or take a look at some of the products, projects and equipment you’ll need to get started:

To make a Penn State Industries Woodturning Project, you will need the following equipment:

The following outline will help you turn lathe projects. All you need are a few essentials: a lathe, a mandrel, the correct bushings, a project kit, and finishing accessories. Each lathe project kit includes all of the necessary components plus complete turning and assembly instructions.


Woodturning Lathes and Optional Duplicator and Templates

You need a lathe to turn the wood or acrylic to create your Penn State Industries Products. The optional Lathe Duplicator Attachments and Templates simplify the task of turning multiple profiles; this system takes the place of hand chisel work. If you do not have a duplicator attachment for your lathe, Turning Chisels will be needed to fabricate products. If you already own a woodturning lathe and would like to adapt it for making our project kits you will need to purchase a universal chuck and/or universal drill chuck mandrel. For further assistance please call Pam at 1-800-847-8984.


This lathe accessory allows you to mount the brass tubes and wood or acrylic blanks to the lathe for turning. All Penn State Industries Lathe Project Kits (regardless of tube diameter) can be made on the same mandrel with the addition of appropriate bushings. Bushings serve two purposes: 1. Guide for the final diameter of the wood or acrylic on the tubes. 2. Makes it easier to mount the tubes onto your mandrel. Unless you purchase the pre-drilled wood or acrylic blanks, you will need a drill bit to drill the wood or acrylic to accept the kit’s brass tubes. (Bushings and drill bits are listed with each project.)

Lathe Turning Project Kits or
Pen Project Kits

Lathe Project Kits include all the instructions and hardware components (except wood or acrylic) needed to fabricate the selected project.

Wood or Acrylic Blanks for Lathe Project Kits

In stock are standard, exotic, and rare species of woods as well as colorful acrylic blanks. Blanks are available either pre-drilled or solid ready for drilling.

Finishing Supplies

Lacquers, waxes, polishes and abrasives are available to professionally finish your project.

It will look beautiful.

Recommended Project Accessories

Project Accessories will make it easier for your students to assemble, disassemble and complete their projects.

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