Our Philosophy

August 14th, 2008




We at The Penn State Industries School Division believe woodworking provides students with the hands on learning and the work ethic to accomplish anything they put their minds to. Woodworking develops skill, character, creativity, learning and engagement and a wide variety of concrete and abstract benefits of working with wood. Woodworking can help give a student a more well-rounded education that can go beyond simply woodworking - and teach them cross disciplinary business and entrepreneurial skills in a fun & exciting way; Skills such as marketing, manufacturing, problem solving and creative thinking.

We also believe that an excited student is a more productive student and that seeing consistent results in their efforts makes them motivated to succeed. To consistently reap this sense of satisfaction and accomplishment, we’ve developed a pen making program that will deliver benefits to both students and to school woodworking, industrial arts and vocational classes. A program that will excite your students, your community and let everyone see how to help reinvent woodworking in schools.



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