Program Benefits

August 14th, 2008

Affordable and easy to make

  • Purchase everything your school needs to get started for under $1,000 with our Starter packages.

  • Our duplicator attachment allows your students to make a perfect product every time

 Hands on projects

  • Students can proudly say “I made it myself.”

 Appropriate for students of all ages and skill levels

  • Projects available for the beginner to the advanced turner

  • Our duplicator attachment allows a beginner to turn like a pro

  • Students of all abilities can experience success; students that are blind, learning and physically disabled students all have successfully used our system.

 Builds students self esteem

  • Students of all academic levels make a perfect product every time

Fund raising potential

  • The cost of making a pen is about $2.40; pens sell between $10 and $15 in the schools.

Easy to implement Turnkey setup available

  • Our Starter Sets include everything your students need to get started making pens.

Links to business and technology program

  • Our lesson plan includes instructions on setting up a business, tracking inventory, and marketing.

Discounted School Equipment Packages and Special Offer Starter Kits

  • Separate School Product Division to assist you
Assistance available 7 days a week from 9 AM to 11 PM by calling 1-800-847-8984

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