North Middle School - Rapid City, South Dakota

July 11th, 2008


Above, Josh Hall observes his student, Tyler Fredekind, as he turns a pen. Below, a pen that was turned by another 8th grader in Mr. Hall’s class. It is turned out of a “Crushed Velvet” plastic project blank that was ordered from Penn State Industries.

Dear Pam,
Just thought I’d drop you a note about the success of our penmaking module at the 7th and 8th grade level. Students really enjoy turning out quality pens and pencils. My co-teacher (Ken) and I started doing this module this year in our technology classes. The students have really responded well to it. So well, that the four other middle schools in our town are also going to include it in their curriculum. We ordered several hundred dollars of material and supplies from Penn State Industries this school year, and we are very happy with everything we received. We are always looking for exciting new ideas for our technology education classes. We really appreciate this one.
Josh Hall-Technology Education
North Middle School
1501 North Maple Ave.
Rapid City, South Dakota 57701


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