Association of Texas Technology Education

January 12th, 2011

Dear Pam,
Thank you for providing us materials to present at the Association of Texas Technology Education. This year we presented using Fun Kits, Slimline, and Comfort pens using Exotic Woods and Acrylics blanks. We had a lot of fun working with the new teachers and the experienced alike. What amazes me is the fact that Penn State Industries always has something new to provide for the experienced teachers to expand what they have done before. Please keep up the good work. We in Texas are looking for ways to add to our curriculum as we move into the Career Clusters, and your products allow us to have "Hands On" activities to promote Machining, Manufacturing, Information, and Marketing to meet the TEA Standards for these Clusters. I am sure there are other clusters that they will be helping also.
The biggest benefit that I see is that we are told by Workforce Specialists that we are seeing a shortage of qualified Machinists in our Workforce. Your products allow students to have a better understanding of what a Machinist does, and introduces them to the basics of shaping materials to produce a product that is high quality and very attractive. It also introduces students into the hobby of Wood Working and specifically Woodturning. I have a student who was so interested in penmaking that he bought everything he needed and now has started his own pen making business. this has led to an opportunity for him to work at a Cabinet Shop close to his house.
Thank you again for all that Penn State industries does to promote Woodturning and Education.
Ted Weiberg, CTE Teacher
North Lamar High School, Paris, TX















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