Riverbend Middle School - Iowa Falls, IA

July 14th, 2008
Freedom Pen Project
Pens made with PSI kits & blanks


As of today students have completed over 100 pens for the project and continue to produce more pens almost everyday. Each student manufactures a pen for themselves that is part of the curriculum and participation in the Freedom Pen Project is voluntary. I have two requirements to be part of the program 1 – the student contributes to the pen making process and
2 – they write a note to the soldier receiving the pen that includes a message of support.
We got involved in the project because I am a member of the Saw Mill Creek woodworking forum and that is where the project originated. I won’t take the time to explain what the project is about, there is a web site that I would encourage you to look at www.freedompens.us it will do a much better job giving you information than I would. Also you can check out www.sawmillcreek.org to get day to day activity about the project.
All of the pictures were taken while the students worked on the Freedom Pen Project.
The Freedom Pen Project is a great service learning program for our students. It allows our young people to really connect with our soldiers that are doing an incredible job for our country.

David Bonde
Industrial Technology Instructor
Riverbend Middle School
Iowa Falls, IA 50126
[email protected]

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