Whitehall High School - Whitehall, PA

July 14th, 2008
woodworking woodworking
(L to R) Caitlin DuPont, Jackie Voutsinas, and Kelsey Farver sand, glue and insert the brass tube into the wood blank. Caitlin DuPont sands a wood blank in preparation for finishing.
teacher demo teacher demo
Jackie Voutsinas and Zach Stephens get some tips on assembling a pen. Sheldon Poremba shows Jackie Voutsinas how to apply the finish.
woodworkers woodworking
Kelsey Farver carefully follows the instructions as she assembles a secret compartment key chain. Jackie Voutsinas supervises as Caitlin DuPont drills a wood blank in preparation for making a pen.
woodworking class  
Sheldon Poremba, woodworking teacher, instructs Kelsey Farver on how to properly use the duplicating attachment on the CARBA-TECH 4SE wood lathe.  

North Penn High School - Lansdale, PA

July 11th, 2008

How to make a Pen

Featured on this page is Greg Lobko, a student at North Penn High School, Lansdale, PA, demonstrating the steps on how to make a wood pen using Penn State Industries products. We would like to thank his woodshop teacher, Bill Michael, for taking and sending us these photographs.
Step 1 - Cut & Drill Wood Blanks.
Cut blanks to the length of the tube plus 1/16". Drill a centered hole through each blank.
Step 2 - Glue the Tubes into the Blanks.
Spread the glue on the tube. Insert the blank with a twisting motion to spread glue evenly inside. Allow to dry.
Step 3 - Turning The Blanks.
Set up the lathe according to manufacturer’s directions. Using chisels turn blanks to desired diameter.
Step 4 - Sand.
As with any sanding, progress through a range of grits
Step 5 - Finish.
Try a finish of your choice, for example, PSI Liquid Friction Polish.
Step 6 - Assembly.
Use a clamp, vise or Project Assembly Press to press parts together.

Greg’s finished pen

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